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As gentle on skin as pure water- the Washzilla is the chemical free way to get clothes fresh and clean

Get laundry fresh and clean

without any of the nasty chemicals found in detergents.

 Contains “Bio-Ceramic” balls with natural minerals to make water alkaline and clothes soft

 Agitates clothes better than a traditional wash for a DEEPER clean.

 Can be used in any washer, even High Efficiency models.


A Better Clean

  • The ceramic materials of the Washzilla is excellent at agitating the clothes in your laundry machine. That means a better clean, with less effort!
  • Beats even the toughest odors and stains. Muddy shoes? No problem. Grass stained sports clothes? Easy.
  • Unique, textured surface of the ceramic ball and the alkaline minerals inside means your clothes come out super soft.


A Better Price

  • Washzilla lasts up to 1,000 washes. That means less money spent each year on detergent for clothes. Who doesn’t like a little extra cash?
  • Switching to the Washzilla doesn’t just save money on detergent. It also saves money on softeners and pretreatments like stain removers. It is super effective at removing stains, which means fewer products used for washing.


A Better Home

  • Because the Washzilla doesn’t contain detergent, it works great for folks with sensitive skin.
  • Every wash keeps the chemicals in your detergent from entering the water, meaning less chemicals down the drain.
  • No chemicals also means no risk if tots or pets get ahold of the laundry ball. No more locking up detergent and laundry pods for safety!


“I have incredibly sensitive skin and I can’t use most detergents. I tried the Washzilla because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. I’m really impressed by the fact that I haven’t had any detergent related skin issues in weeks.”

– Chris Schneider

“I have four kids, so I do laundry constantly. My family just went on vacation and we took our Washzilla with us. Halfway through our trip we needed to do laundry. It was so easy, with no mess or hassle. We were even able to bring the Washzilla in our carry on luggage!”

– Laura Mayer

“The Washzilla really beat some stains out of my clothes. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I took my favorite sweater out of the wash.”

– Andrea Morrison

Get your own Washzilla today and see why chemical detergents are a thing of the past!

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But how does the Washzilla work?

  • The Washzilla is made from a ceramic crystalline materials known as Bio-Ceramics. The minerals and crystals in the structure of the Washzilla work to change the pH of the water in your washing machine. This change in pH helps loosen up dirt and grime from your clothes, giving them a deep clean without harmful chemicals from detergent.
  • Extra agitation in your washing machine means extra cleaning power! Washzilla’s surface texture and tough exterior add an extra level of agitation to work stains out of laundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it chemical free?

Yes! The Washzilla contains no chemicals. It works by making the water in your washing machine more alkaline. This is done by combining the hot water in the tub with the natural minerals in the ceramic structure of the ball.

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Since the Washzilla contains no chemicals, it is as gentle on skin as pure water. That makes it safe for even the most delicate of skin. It is perfect for folks with infants or even those who have skin conditions like eczema. You may not realize it, but using too much detergent, even the gentle kind, can keep the soap from fully washing out of your clothes which can cause irritation. You may not notice the leftover detergent hanging out on your clothes, but your skin does. The Washzilla solves this problem as well.

Can I use it in a High Efficiency laundry machine?

The Washzilla laundry ball can be used in any type of machine. Because it contains no chemical detergents, there is no risk of exploding and overflowing suds or leftover soap hanging out in your clothes. This is part of why the Washzilla is so gentle!

How much money do I really save?

You will save a bundle on the cost of detergent with this product. Let’s assume you buy a “Free and Clear” all natural style detergent. That bottle, which normally gets you 32 regular sized loads probably costs between $8 and $10. If you have a family of four, you probably do 6 loads of laundry per week. That’s 312 loads per year. Assuming you’re a bargain shopper, that means you spend close to $100 a year on detergent alone. That doesn’t include softener or extra stain removers. Trading detergents in for a Washzilla laundry ball saves dollars and makes sense!

What if my toddler or pet gets ahold of my Washzilla?

Great news if you have extra curious kids or pets in the home! The Washzilla’s unique ceramic structure is safe for children and pets. If you are interested in quitting detergent for the safety of little ones or furry family members, this is a great reason why. Some detergents and detergent pods can look enticing to kids and pets because of their scent and bright colors. The Washzilla doesn’t contain any chemicals though, and is as non toxic as the ceramic material of other items around your home, like coffee mugs or ceramic bakeware.

Get your own Washzilla today and see why chemical detergents are a thing of the past!

(Take advantage of our one-time 40% off sale – it’s ending soon!)

I’m done with detergent, give me a WashZillaCLICK HERE TO CHECK AVAILABILITY